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OncoVita is a website created by a group of oncology patients, relatives of patients, doctors and researchers. In dealing with the therapy and in examining the assumptions on the supplementary traditional therapies we have found that there are many scientific studies of the most qualified university in the world that describe important results with the use of stem cells obtained from the eggs of the zebrafish.

The goal of this site is providing to the patients the useful information to supplement their own therapy with products based on factors of differentiation derived from stem cells. We provide our experience and our desire to stay updated according to the latest news from the research. At the same time we want to offer to doctors all the scientific material so to be able to document these supplementary tested news and described by the most prestigious universities and research institutes all over the world.


We have thought of collecting in this site a selection of these studies around the factors of differentiation of stem cells in zebrafish and we will continue to monitor international research to keep updated this site with the news that our scientific committee considers series, scientifically correct and worthy of reporting.

We have done for each publication a “simplified summary” to make the subject, often very specialised, comprehensible, even by non-professionals and we apologize to the doctors for the simplifications sometimes excessive.

 If you’re a doctor you will probably be subscribed to PubMed or other agencies and you can easily download the articles you are interested in from the original form (we cannot violate the copyright by publishing the full texts).

 If you’re a patient and you’re interested to read the articles in full version you can follow the instructions that article after article we will give you.

 Remember not to face care diy. With the extracts of zebrafish you are not at risk because they provide essential factors that are naturally present in healthy people and lacking in ill people, but it is essential that your decision is shared with your specialist. If you believe it could be useful, present this site to your specialist and the research we are talking about. You can also ask him to contact us, we will put him in contact with a doctor of our scientific committee.

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